Protective Atmosphere Packaging

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SECTION: Packaking Innovation


The Coopbox Group has developed an advanced packaging system for fresh sliced meats and other delicatessen products, designed specially for the large and small retail sector. The protective atmosphere packaging system constitutes one of the most recent and innovative results of the Coopbox Group research and innovation programme.

Extending Shelf Life

The main aims of this system are the extension of product shelf life and the preservation of the organoleptic qualities of the fresh product.
This is made possible by totally eliminating the oxygen in the tray container, and at the same time introducing a mixture of 30% carbon dioxide and 70% nitrogen. This process assures the extension of the product shelf life, which can today be guaranteed by our customers to their own consumers of at least one week, which is a significant increase compared to traditional packaging systems.

Functionality and respect for the environment

The main characteristic of this system is its great functional simplicity, which assures huge savings in time and continuous restocking at the sales counters.
Furthermore, using the Cristalpack tray range, made in both recyclable PET and PLA (polylactic acid), which, being a raw material derived from renewable and 100% biodegradable sources, combines the best of the system’s functional simplicity with the need for increasing attention to the issues of environmental respect using highly recyclable (PET) or biodegradable (PLA) packaging materials.

Extension of shelf life, better presentation and preservation of the product’s organoleptic qualities are the advantages for the consumer, who can directly oversee the various preparation and packaging phases.